UWAY XtendIR-B2 offers completely invisible ‘NO GLOW’ Black IR lighting. It extends the range of all Black IR cameras and converts regular IR cameras into Invisible Black IR. It conveniently works with ALL IR cameras and coverts both picture and video to “Invisible Black IR”. A sensor is placed over the camera’s IR LEDs and activates the XtendIR-B when the camera triggers. The 110 High Output LED array shines “invisibly” out 40 – 70+ feet. It plugs directly into UWAY NX models.

UWAY XtendIR-B2 'No Glow' Flash Extender
$49.95 CAD - Sale Price

UWAY XtendIR-B2 uses 3 switchable light banks to provide versatility in illumination and control over battery consumption.

Bank 1 : This is the Enhancement (default) Bank of 60 LEDS. These are high output LEDs. This bank pushes illumination to match the typical camera’s field of view.

Bank 2 : This bank uses 20 high output LEDs with a wide angle dispersion. This is considered the Wide Angle illumination bank. It not only pushes light in the center of the photo but puts more light in the corners to light up critters in the periphery.

Bank 3 : This bank consists of 30 high output LEDs with a narrow viewing angle. This is considered to be the Distance illumination bank.

  • Adjustable Illumination from 40 – 70+ feet
  • 3 foot Infrared Sensor Cable connects to ALL IR cameras (sensor positions over existing camera IR LEDs and fires instantly when camera’s IR LEDs turn on)
  • Functions in Photo and Movie Modes
  • Uses 4 “D” Cell Batteries Internal (not included)
  • 6 Volt External Battery port
  • Innovative Curved rear mount provide mounting and security using strap, bungee or python lock
  • Adjust angles up and down for easy camera alignment
  • Size: 6.1 x 3.7 x 2.4 inches
  • KIT INCLUDES: XtendIR universal sensor cable, UWAY sensor cable, and mounting strap